Razor Blades or Roller Blades

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This is basicaly about my life when I was fourteen which was what, along the lines of not being populuar, and the pain of not having any friends, yes at fourteen I was that girl the so called freak, among other names that cruel kids used. (ok this may not look like a poem but I gave it a shot) :)

PS. I don't know why I named it waht i did, being that it has nothing to do with what it is about..

Much Love -Skye-

Submitted: January 29, 2009

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Submitted: January 29, 2009



I can't handle another day

Stuck and drowning in the wave of mean kids

Being pulled under, left gasping for air

The air is nowhere, nowhere when i need it the most

I don't know why I feel like I am drowing

"Hey Freak"

Just one of the many names the friendly kids at school call me.

I'm not as dumb as most of them think

In fact I'm smarter then they well ever realise

I am human like them and I have feelings too

Feeling maybe they dont have any

What if the shoe was on the other foot

Would they feel likeIfeel everyday

To scared to go to school

Just waiting to become the fool

A tool

Maybe even a loser

I know that is not true

The real losers are the kids that seem to enjoythe pain they cause to me

Mum tells me Iam a smart girl, I can do anything I put my mind to

Aperenty she left out the part of having friends

What is not to like about me, Iam fun to be around arnt I?

I don't hate them for hating me

What about the benifit of the doubt

What about not judging a book by it's cover

I feelsorry for the ones that used names to hurt me

I was different but I liked being that way

That was me, even if its not who they want me to be

I see now that the pain and hurt was just something that made me stronger

That's me today Skye the ruler of my own destiny

The girl that loves life

But lives for writting about dark and sad things

I look back on my life at fourteen

And think hey that was then and this is now

It's ironic to see the bitches that called me stupid, now have asshole boyfriends

Or a child withafather that wants nothing to do with it.

Maybe being unpopular was not such a bad thing

My life is not perfect but it's mine

I had a heart then and i have one now

The only differance is that I share it with the most amazing person in the world

Someone that loves me for me

I forgive them of cause I do

All the guys, girlsout there that were mean to me

Even Ben, the one that started it all

Thanks for your help at making me who I am today.

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