Something I believe the whole world needs to understand.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? When I was younger, I saw a girl who was unattractive. I thought this because every day I would see these women on TV and in magazines who were so gorgeous, and I thought that’s what I needed to look like, yet I didn’t. I know many girls and boys who look in the mirror and say “I’m fat” when I weigh a good 20 pounds more than them. Sometimes I just don’t understand how someone can hate something that I am envious of. This is something I have really paid attention to lately because it's a hidden issue that not many people are paying attention too. It had really hit me when we had to weigh ourselves during fitness class. I walked into the bathroom to find one of the girls crying, I asked what was wrong she said “I weigh 107 pounds.” At that point I just wanted to punch her because I was almost 160 pounds, and she was older than me. This triggered a real transformation in me. I started to think about body image, and how I look at myself. I’m not saying that I don’t care about the way I look because, that is something that I personally focus on a lot in my life. But by spending time on the way I look it gives me confidence, and happiness, which is something I think everyone deserves to have.

I see myself as a vane person, this is wrong in so many people’s eyes. Many people so “Well you shouldn’t care what you look like” but looking good (in my eyes anyway) gives me confidence and makes me happy. I don’t believe people should just not care about the way they look, but take pride in what they believe looks good. Also I think we all need to sit and learn to accept compliments, because I found that it just boosts your confidence that much higher. I don’t understand why anyone would say “No I’m not” when someone calls you pretty, I think we need to learn to own and flaunt our unique style and accept and get credit for looking good.

I believe that this is something that matters because it’s an issue are most people don’t pay much attention to. Every day there is someone you know and love who thinks that they are ugly, while you think that they are gorges. If everyone strutted their stuff the world would just be happy with the way we look, there would be no eating disorders, or depression over the way people look. I’m not saying to go out and think that you’re prettier or more handsome than anyone else, but just be happy with your appearance. So please, when you look in the mirror, know that you have a unique beauty that is unlike any one else’s. You just need to discover it.

Submitted: May 31, 2011

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