a bum rap

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Submitted: March 04, 2012

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Submitted: March 04, 2012



proponents of the american justice system

don’t spend too much time on stories about people

getting let out of prison after being wrongly sentenced


subsequently festering for 25 years in

one of society’s garbage cans as a direct result---


Mr. Michael Morton did just that.


after being blamed for the 1986 murder of his own

wife Christine &

after being sentenced to life in prison,

one wonders just where Mr. Morton would’ve ended


had this case been a capital case---

now, as a gag order is pondered by the court ready


debate the fate of the real culprit (as having been

matched by DNA),

one Mr. Mark Alan Norwood,

this man gets handled with kiddie gloves because of


delicate nature of the case,

that is, how the press would expose such flaws in the


as opposed to hiding it under the carpet & tucking it


hoping that no one will ever know---

it’s impossible not to understate the fact that

Morton got a bum rap,

as even Andy Dufresne, the fictional character in


“The Shawshank Redemption,” got out in 20,

after tunneling through the wall & crawling through the



Judge Sid Harle said upon releasing Morton,

“We don’t have a perfect system of justice.  But we

have the best system that is available in the world,”

now, doesn’t that make you wish that there were

better systems,

or that this case would be brought to the attention of

the american public

with just a little more pizzazz than it is presently?

as the next hearing comes on March 27th,

the world should be watching

instead of napping,

because no one is innocent in an empire that allows

for this kind of

miscarriage of justice to occur,

much less,

to go unnoticed.

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