a complete lack of imagination

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Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011



S/HE who walks with contempt S/HE

who creates nothing but criticizes

everything S/HE who waits in a hole,

oh so comfortable, hoping that it will

stay that way forever S/HE who swears

allegiance to others in desperate hope to

save themselves S/HE who reduces the

life they have to the almighty dollar

(production, consumption, production

consumption) S/HE who strives to

become immaculate (smoother skin,

finer hair, thinner, trimmer, bigger

muscles) S/HE who steps upon others

to get to the top S/HE whose head twists

at the paranoid rapid speed of a little

bird in the wild (always on the lookout

for predators) S/HE who makes plans

thinking always that they are one step

ahead of the rest of us S/HE who has

been out of touch with the place that

they came from for so long now that

it seems that person has disappeared

S/HE who holds a complete lack of


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