a pile of qurans

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Submitted: February 22, 2012

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Submitted: February 22, 2012



a pile of qu’rans


how many bozos at Bagram

does it take to burn a pile of qu’rans?

is it more or less than the amount of

soldiers that it took to kill off nearly

9,000 Afghan civilians & 20 journalists

since 2001?

just how many supposed “holy books” were in that

pyre, and how many people will die now as a result


more religious bullshit

thumping & thumping relentlessly

through the world?


how many fanatics did it take to issue a fatw? on an


writing a book?

were more people killed as a result of the witch hunt

on Mr. Rushdie,

than there were qu’rans burned at Bagram?

how about Mr. Van Gogh? 

would he still be alive today & not stabbed to death

in the street years ago,

had he not expressed his concern for the disgusting

treatment of women in


does the killing of a human being in the street for

making a film weigh heavier than the

burning of a pile of “holy books?”


if you total up the death threats against those that

continue to speak out against the faith,

as Ayaan Hirsi Ali has done, will you come close to

number of qu’rans burned at Bagram?




are these really difficult questions to answer?


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