a poem called awe

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Submitted: August 13, 2012

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Submitted: August 13, 2012



crippled by the relative


of ever soaking in the light

of intellectual & creative

inspiration, said to come from

the bright, shining, illuminating

awe of someone truly great,

who might stroll into your path

whilst you stumble along aimlessly,

it can almost be terrifying

when it actually happens &

one second guesses themselves,

one feels that it might be better

to push said individual off of the

nearest ledge so as to prove that

such an event might never really

occur, because once in awe,

can one ever return to a state

of personal striving?


will this individual whom you now

look up to, ever look at you in even

remotely the same way?

will this individual ever grant you a

moment of release from the shackles

of the admiration that you bestow

upon them (for your hands were tied

by your own hands, in some way

that seems defeating when you ponder

it late at night) yourself?

will these babblings in your head

arriving at the front of your mind &

lingering, ever come to any sort of

profitable fruition, or

will you be a slave to another’s

greatness, forever? 

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