a poem called broken record

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Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012



the current malicious mouthpiece of the

world’s current policeman

stands behind her podium & insists to the

rest of us that

“Russia & China will have to pay”

for the time that they have spent

not going along with the empire &

their buds,

to overthrow yet another country

under the guise of “peacemaking”

so as to rebuild another grocery store

for corporate america to

suck all the resources out of

like a hungry vampire

laboring away on a teenage girl’s


one watches her hand rise & cast

up & down

when she addresses the room full of

stuffy dignitaries,

who represent the powerful people in the

world, all whose interests have

absolutely nothing to do with the

“suffering people” of Syria,

but rather only hinge on what will come


because they all want to be on that first

flight into the reconstruction,

so as to turn it into another shopping mall

with business all developed by &

profiting those who succumbed to these

shallow threats spun out the mouth of

Sec. Clinton---

when the will of the world is set

by a government whose sole purpose is

to keep its own power in check,

transparently thwarting its might on all

who show even the slightest glimpse of


with how it runs the show,

there will only be the direst

consequences for the rest of us

when the big bully trips & falls---

why all the time is spent

on manufacturing lies for the people

who sit opposite their television screen,

unable to get up & stop another invasion on

their own,

is beyond the mindset of most of us

who understand that the US will do what the

US wants, until everyone is so weak that they

need it to survive,

they’re beat into submission by

military & diplomatic war,

or they find themselves in bed with it,

sucking it off

like a good little concubine.

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