a poem called fickle

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Submitted: April 20, 2012

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Submitted: April 20, 2012



two people who decided

they could live together

tried &

did so for a bit of time

cohabitating in the same dwelling &

steering free of each other

when it became exhaustive to

do the

opposite &

all was exactly what they say that it is

when two people give up their individual space &

their individual lives to

share one another,

but then the little things

which once seemed to be valued

one by


as so very beautiful &


unique to the both of them---now

these same things begin to eat at them

so much so that now the debate has begun

over who is right & who is wrong

concerning the most miniscule details of every

irrelevant subject

under the sun &

the ones still suffering around them,

friends & family,

tell them that everyone has gone through their hard

patches &

that what proves a relationship is strong, is the ability


stick it through---

but these fickle fights add up &

the two of them begin to literally hate the sight of each


doing their best to avoid even being present in the

same abode at the same time &

then finally,

as if it had been overlooked for such a long time,

they decide to leave each other,

to physically get as far as they can from each other &

dismantle the dwelling they once both called


now dividing each little piece of shared property


fickly & then

so very


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