a poem called malpractice

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: January 09, 2012

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Submitted: January 09, 2012





the patient, a younger man, 

walks in & sits down

the doctor, an older man,

sits in his chair with yellow legal pad in hand

as he stumbles through what happened last week,

both by tracing his own scrawlings with his eyes &

muttering some of the “key points,”

the younger man begins to blurt out what is troubling



how long this game of call & response has been going


is anybody’s guess &

despite what lead the two of them to this point in


a doctor’s

“bedside manner”

translates to the office

(even if no bed is present) &

as the young man’s face twists in frustrating

spewing forth dark thoughts &

wanting some kind of reassurance that it will really be


things take a turn.


“you know, you should really be grateful for what you


left” the doctor dishes out at his patient---

“when my wife committed suicide two years ago,

i was left with nothing---i was completely destroyed


i finally came to know what it was to be in that place

that so

many of my patients have spoken of---i just don’t

think that

you are there.”


with piercing eyes staring back at his young patient,

the young man looks back at him with a new gaze---

the frustrated, vulnerable, exposed look of sadness &

terror now has been replace by a deadened lack of


a pure form of hate filled the young man’s heart so


that only the doctor staring right back at him

could see the change,

and immediately, probably even before he finished his

own rant,

the doctor regretted sharing this little iota of his own


in such a setting, with a patient.


clenching his fist &

now, considering much darker things,

the young man gets up from his chair &

walks to the door---

“i think i’m going to neglect paying you for this one,

doc,” he said,

and leaves the office with a stride the doctor had

never seen before.


rather than say anything,

the doctor puts his head in his hands---

gonna double his own dosage,

because it doesn’t seem to be working.



nothing seems to be working anymore.





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