a poem called options

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Submitted: November 11, 2012

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Submitted: November 11, 2012





not happy with the idea

that when the heart stops

& the brain shuts down,

the personality ends &

nothing follows,

s/he wants


in fact, s/he is simply one

in a series of zillions of

humans that have lived &

died, all wanting more,

all wanting for it not to be

so cut & dry, all wanting

for their own lives to be

special &

for a world with options to

give them



s/he invests his/her energy

in the

“spiritual” & s/he keeps a

group of those who want the

same around him/her in order

to provide a comfort,

to provide a support group in

the wanting of options in a

life bound for destruction of the



unsatisfied with those around

him/her that do not want options,

that do not need options, or who

make their way upon the earth

with destruction of others as their

only motivation for living,

this believer, this self-illusionist

finds him/herself wanting more

than options out of dying,

but rather to hold those alive

that do not want what s/he wants



pointing a finger of self-righteousness

& wanting a lightning bolt from the

sky to ignite that place in which that

finger is pointing, s/he waits quietly

for things to go his/her way, s/he

spends his/her time waiting with

folded arms of “justice”---

that of which s/he read in a book,

a book crafted by charlatans

thousands of years ago


this same book is supposed to

give him/her options.

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