a poem called uncharted waters

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Submitted: November 09, 2012

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Submitted: November 09, 2012



uncharted waters


as Colorado & Washington

have thrown the dice,

the first big step in the direction

of legalizing pot

has made people against the

measure begin to stir in their

ridiculously naïve funk,

whilst proponents who do not

live in either of the two states

are no doubt, discuss with their

significant others is

a lot of rain & a lot of


is worth the move.


while there is question as to whether

the feds will step in & crush the

measures, or how commercialized

the actions could become if they are

allowed to experiment in these

uncharted waters,

“domestically grown

marijuana is thought to be the second

most profitable cash crop in the United



whilst the dead horse does not have to

be beaten, that is,

we do not need to go back in time &

look at how economically

successful Prohibition was

in comparison to the wealth of profit &

jobs which the industry has continued to

pump into our economy since its



idiots (growing closer to death now) will stand

up & yell

“it’s a gateway drug,” as if everyone who smokes a

joint follows by tying off,

but the ways in which legalization

could help the economy of this country is



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