a poem called welcome

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Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012





welcome misunderstanding

of your motives & your feelings,

because if they knew exactly what you meant,

what you needed, what you wanted &

you knew the same regarding what came from

them, then there would be no more

conversation & hence no more joke-producing

material, hence no chance to make another

acquaintance in this period of life that

we seem to think is our own---

but in the absence of free will,

in the absence of all the demands pressed upon

by those who want us to be held responsible

for our pre-determined genetic programming &

in the absence of all the stabbing pain caused

by individuals who seem to think that someone

else is watching, that someone else is gonna

bring it all back to square one,

free of human bias---welcome their own

misunderstanding, for we’re only as right as

the method of investigation proclaims &

finding more evidence is key to standing

straight & true with a clear conscience.


welcome the pain when it comes,

because it will & though it may subside,

it will show its face again---you know it

already has & so it will again, but it allows

one to identify those moments when it seems

far away & to drench in the pleasure of a

day with minimalized stress.


sum it all up in a statement,

take it to the shredder & start again & start

again, drink it all up by the bottle,

now smash the bottle & start again, play it

all in a song with the geetar, now ya smash

that geetar (or pluck all the strings out like

they been goin’ out of style), now find a new

instrument & start again---


reinvention &




you, free of

what others want

from you, free from

what others want you

to be,

free of

finishing this very piece

with any sense of



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