a wild temper

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Submitted: May 12, 2012

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Submitted: May 12, 2012



a wild temper separated her from the pack

a wild temper got her thrown out of school

a wild temper got her taken into custody

a wild temper made her stand in front of the judge

a wild temper sent her back into the streets

a wild temper put another in the hospital (vital signs

are not looking good)

a wild temper brought her back into custody

a wild temper showed up in court with a smile on its


a wild temper left her in that court & brought with it

into jail a new sense of freedom

a wild temper didn’t make her friends in jail (but it

didn’t make her enemies)

a wild temper got to stay as long as the sentence


a wild temper went back into the streets

a wild temper didn’t get a job because kissing

customer ass wasn’t on the agenda

a wild temper brought down to the pavement the

head of a “peacefully racist” slur-hurler

a wild temper was wrestled to the ground a few

blocks away after a quick dash away

a wild temper into custody again got knocked around

a few times & fondled by piggies

a wild temper stood trial for the death of the


a wild temper got the book thrown at it

a wild temper sat on death row with no one to tame it

or bother asking how it was doing

a wild temper got pumped of lethal poison in a land

that throws its temper, anger & might all over the

world (pounding others into oblivion)

a wild temper, they say now after the fact, was a flaw

that could have been worked on, had someone paid

attention to her prior to its taking over.

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