aiding the enemy

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Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013




claims are made by the

puppet masters of the empire

that Bradley Manning

“aided the enemy,”

as if this ominous enemy

lurks round every corner,

without a face,

without a sound,

waiting for the next chance to


for it would be so easy

to have all the citizens under the


for ignorance to always equal

strength &

for perpetual war to always lead to

perpetual peace,

yet one doesn’t have to leave their

own neighborhood,

to see just how well

our own empire’s orchestrators

“aid the enemy”


need one look at the unemployment rate?

need one try to get proper universal health care?

need one try to go a month without a mass shooting,

a school shooting, or some hick running amok

with said cowboy guns,

without the NRA & those rallying with it,

telling us that there isn’t anything wrong?

need we remind ourselves

how Rome fell?

(from inside & outside)

(from inside & outside)

(from inside & outside)

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