all the rage

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Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012



“you know, it takes a fictional character

to know one,”

“jesus” said to “muhammad,”

whilst sitting at the picnic table,

passing the sweet sun tea,

simultaneously &

non-verbally, “telepathically”

motioning to mr. claus

that though the mashed lacked

the thorough whipping that he

himself desired,

they sure were buttery &

with that,

a tip of the “crown of thorns was


so as to give approval, without

interrupting the engrossing conversation

which had developed between

a couple of the smurfs down at the

end &



seems that violence had become

all the rage,  rumbling the surface of

the earth & though the teletubbies who had

attended, did not possess the wide spoken

vocabulary which bugs bunny

did, between munching on the carrot,

they all nodded in agreement when he

threw up his non-carrot-holding hand,

spewing forth his catch phrase,

with regards to the current geopolitical

state of things.


“so…eh, what’s up doc?” he said.


all the characters at he table agreed

that to run rampant upon the world

with an angry eye, a gun in hand &

a belt full of bombs, for the sake of

any of the tales found in books, the scripts

of their cartoons or the animated beauty

with which any of them danced,

was simply insane &

they figured then that the most recent

explosive nature of people all over the

world who were striking vengeance on

the US embassies, might…they just

might (possible coinkydink) have less

to do with “muhammad” (who was now

stuffing his face with KFC, which

garfield had brough & stashed under the

table for later---but the man got it

quick) & a tad more with the fact that

people are getting sick of the world’s

policeman beating them over the heads

with its club.

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