an uncomfortable moment

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Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012



jenny & johnny

(two hetero-swingers)

were enjoying the sunrise for their first time

with swirling rays of blissful first contact,

animalistic scents filling one another’s nostrils

(faces all stuffed up in each other’s prospective

cooch & coin purse)

with nectars secreting from each onto


licking, groping, sticking & swapping away like

teenage springtime bunnies out of sight

from mamma & papa bunny

(who, as bunnies, have no real concern with

non-stop, crazy, day-in-&-day-out, adrenaline



for what causes pleasure for the herd residing

closely in the warren,

brings more bunnies banging &

more bunnies banging brings more bunnies to

bang &

on & on & on &

when the bangathon has taken a moment’s pause

they lie awake staring at each other all

twinkle eyed, exhausted &

smoking the hashish that they got from one of the


the last time they were hanging out.


an uncomfortable moment arises when either

jenny or johnny reaches the pinnacle of their climax &

begins to get loud---

the loud sound being made

is not recognizable by the partner of the noisemaker


rather than it being a pleasant, exciting or downright


sound being emitted,

instead, we have some kind of thing that

to this day cannot be explained by the most ambitious


EVP specialists,

something that the ATF might crank at the highest

volume possible

to drive out the next religious cult crack-pots from

their dwelling.


the sound spewing forth from one bunny’s mouth is so

harsh to the human ear,

that it forces the other bunny to actually cringe,

thereby lessening or even killing their own

sexual experience as a whole.


how one bunny gets themselves out of this situation

with the other bunny is anybody’s guess,

certainly the most giving individual will endure the

pain being caused by the incessant unnamable


but the most crass will no doubt just get up & go.


kudos, brave bunny---

now, run for the hills like the von trapps in

“the sound of music.”

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