and now the policeman picks up his club

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Submitted: August 04, 2012

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Submitted: August 04, 2012



uncle sam took a moment to sit down

at the diner counter & shove a couple more

doughnuts down his gullet,

but don’t you worry,

now that Kofi Annan has thrown in the towel,

the big fucking bully of the world

is gonna get its way again---

this time,

Sec. Clinton will no doubt come rumbling out

bantering on about how Putin is the closest thing to

the christian imaginary boogeyman

whose name is just as long as his &

ends in the same letter


what we have here is yet another demonstration

of all-out-aggression-to-be,

brought to you on your screens

courtesy of the world’s



those who fear him (buddies)---

everybody will be

ganging up on a country that exists in the region near


that last strong holdout who refuses to get down on

its knees &

suck off america,

giving them whatever they want &

allowing them to rape all the natural resources &

bring “democracy”

which has failed at home on the domestic front &

so it will fail everywhere that the US demands it

to be, so that the US can get what they want

from everyone on this earth.


with batshit fucking crazy Netanyahu

trying to intimidate mister hope & change

by sallying up with the white/rich/racist/mormon/moron

(whose most recent remarks about Palestinian culture

should give the people left in the belly of the beast

who still believe in this failed & corrupt political system

a little taste of what he will bring to the table

if you don’t walk, talk, look like & think like

he does),

and all the warmongers on the Security Council (minus

Mr. Putin & co.) chomping at the bit,

happy that all the support they’ve given to the rebels in

Syria, made it so that Annan’s peace plan could never even

be attempted,

now there will be two fresh new conflicts

to drain the taxpayers in the US

of any money they have left!


the only questions left will be

when will Israel strike Iran?

(will it be before or after November?)

when will the empire send support to help

Israel fight Iran?

when will the empire send support to

remove Assad from his country so that

“democracy” can be brought to the Syrian



and so we wait,

running the hamster wheel to make enough

scratch to get angry at the screen,

a few minutes before falling

asleep exhausted or

getting back on the wheel to

do it all over again,

hoping we don’t get hurt (no health care) &

hoping tomorrow comes

before these psychopaths who run things

drive our species into


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