apathetic sympathizer

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Submitted: September 08, 2012

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Submitted: September 08, 2012



got an apathetic sympathizer

sizin’ up the scene

s/he’s been lecturin’ on the circuit

s/he’s been weighin’ on the brain

s/he’s been speakin’ like s/he’s

been alive, a hundred thousand


like there’s wisdom bleedin’ out

her/his nose &

dripping out his/her ears---

s/he’s the type of hypocrite who’ll

do exactly what’s s/he’s told (then

complain that it don’t work)---

drown all her/his sorrows in a bottle

then shove his/her ass off to work---

get mad when the man be tellin’ her/him

that what s/he’s doin’ gotsta change

then s/he’s back inside the bottle

washin’ possibility down the drain---

this be the one you know who lurks

at places that frequent resistance,

this be the same one who stands on the


hoping no one sees em’ watchin’,

this be the one who will be the first to

run, the one who’ll turn us in, this be the

one who says they’ve always been

there for you, the one who swears that

they’re your friend &

the next time that’cha’ flair up,

the next time that’cha’ fight,

s/he’’ll come out of her/his cave

wavin’ a “tisk tisk” finger,

like what’cha’ doin’ isn’t right---

but the sure way to identify,

the way you know it’s them,

is that when push comes to shove,

when the world gets hot,

they say

“it’s the way it’s always been.”

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