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just when you thought our head was as far up our ass as we could possibly stuff it…

Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011



dear figurehead of the empire

whose puppet strings are pulled by the moneyed

interests of the

world &

not just one nation,

how transparent can one be,

how audacious,

when demanding that all people across the periphery

submit to the will of this pretend



had anyone asked if the empire had no sway in the

asian pacific?

hasn’t the big long erect american penis stretched

itself beyond all


do you think that china, who holds the purse strings is

at all

intimidated by your penis?

if china pulls its funds will your dick go limp &

will you end up having to actually deal with the people

exploding inside your borders

growing more angry every day &

waiting to strangle the throats of the greedy vultures


still sit atop their thrones

embedded in the buildings on

wall st.?


were the aussies getting out of hand,

is that it?

too much foster’s beer & koala petting going on,

so the big bad brother had to step in?


mr. figurehead, do you see what is happening in your


do you really think we need to be spending more

money on



just how many dirty bloody hands did you have to

shake on the

way up the ladder?

how many guns are to your head, demanding that you

act so rash

as to assert that “The United States is a Pacific

power---and we are

here to stay?”


so many questions &

so few answers---

such is the american way.

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