averting eyes

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Submitted: February 04, 2012

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Submitted: February 04, 2012



when did the “upstanding citizen”

learn to avert their eyes

when stepping over a homeless person on the way to

their place of work?

when were such people taught that

the horrors of the world will never actually affect them


that the best that they can do is

“live a good life” &

“do their best not to hurt others,”

as if this complete complacence did not

balance itself upon the backs of those

that have been cast out into the streets &

stuffed down into the sewers

(if not forced into one of society’s garbage cans:

juvenile detention, prison, mental institutions, etc.)?

when did such individuals learn how to cry

on their hands & knees at the “appropriate time”

for events & issues that could have been avoided

had they themselves spent even an infinitesimal

amount of their

precious time to try & stop them?

have such people ever been in a desperate situation?

have they ever had to worry about anything &

if they have, why do they not remember what it was


why do such individuals think that it will never be so

bad again?




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