beauty pageants for little girls

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when mommy/daddy are rolling in the benjamins,
make sure to save some for the shrink’s bill in the future.

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011



in the sea of lipstick & matching eyeliner

you need to check your hands quickly---

oh watchers of beauty pageants for little girls

it just might be that you never really

developed those thumbs like the

rest of us---

as those of us who have been riding that popular

wave called


tend to avoid these disgusting parades of

ridiculous exploitation.


if it isn’t clear to you

that those who dress up their little girls

(as if they were vegas tramps strutting their stuff

auctioning off their genitalia like it was going out of


should be dragged out into the street

tarred & feathered at best

& then strapped in chairs like alex in

“a clockwork orange”

for the remaining duration of their utterly abhorrent


then you should probably go straight to the nearest


& stretch those eyes open with your own

thumb & index

to check out

just what kind of psycho you are.


are you the jealous kind whose own parents didn’t

tell you that you yourself were


so now you need to generate a younger attempt at

gaining aesthetic approval from the

society of cretins foaming at the mouth?

or perhaps you might be a molester in the making

whose carnal need to chew up an innocent is growing

by the



and the pageant mom sits there

with so much work done on herself that she rivals that



she comments to the other lady lunatics

that her daughter’s fake tan really brings out the

highlights in the

extensions that they got together a few days ago---

oh yes, how she


and father sits there with one hand rubbing his prick

through his pants

(can’t wait till’ she gets a little older)

while pointing the other at the stage ranting

that if she screws up her dance routine this time

when they all get home

she will practice it until her little feet bleed


as the whole horror marches on

hillary goes to another country

outside the empire to lecture them on women’s rights

considering herself a representative of

“western civilization.”

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