bend over, america

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Submitted: August 11, 2012

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Submitted: August 11, 2012



would you rather live in a

totalitarian state which

doesn’t dilly-dally round the

truth, pretending that citizens

have freedom, feeding them

the illusion that they will not

be crushed more & more

each day & squandered by the

rich elite in charge, whose hand

on the button, whose police in

the pocket & whose military

& private mercenary firms that

both work for them, march round

the libraries, the grocery stores &

through the streets, dictating every

bit of life which the cameras up

above do not,


would you rather live in the US

that has just decided, via. president

hope & change (whose first

campaign was largely funded by

Goldman Sachs & whose cabinet is

littered with its influence) & the DOJ

under his reign, that Goldman need not

worry its head anymore after a year of

“investigation,” which to the public

eye was supposedly aiming towards

prosecution of the scumfucks who

profited off the poor during the

most recent financial meltdown?


um, it is a catch-22 folks.


stating that there is insufficient evidence

to go forth with the probe, the DOJ

shows its true colors & goes belly-up,

whilst almost in the same breath, Goldman

shifts its funds & loyalty to romneyhood,

who promises to deregulate &

stop at nothing to keep business as usual

from being affected by anything that

pathetic & petty public

might be groveling about---

so bend over, america,

bend the fuck over &

take it right up the ass,

with your teeth gritted in pain &

your eyes closed, wishing

Glass-Steagall was still around,

wishing that this whole experiment

called america had been started by

somebody besides a room of rich

white guys who had fled taxation in

England, to come & exploit a

whole new frontier.


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