big brother NYC

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Submitted: August 11, 2012

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Submitted: August 11, 2012



3000+ cameras come to

the big apple, echoing the

CCTV of London, furthering

the police state, under the

guise of “fighting terrorism”---

makes this future


wonder if Orwell is rolling over

in his grave &

wonder as well, what will be

coming in the next decade, the

next 20 years or more,

as the empire continues to decline,

spreading its military further by

the day

all over the world, whilst going

broke at home, placing all those

who are unemployed & roaming

the streets, under surveillance,

when the rich who own america

now have the po po working 24/7

to keep their property safe &

treat the rest of us like animals

in a cage under a fucking heat


as Bloomberg & Microsoft

force their “Domain Awareness

System” on the people

unfortunate enough to be

subjected to this brand spanking

new kind of tyranny,

the hope is that the technology

spreads throughout all the

major cities in the empire,

making these once beautiful,

culturally diverse, infinitely

exciting & interesting 

communities of creativity &

vital progress, now

only maps of “intellistreets,”

meant to micro-analyze every

moment that we breathe, making

sure that we all march in line

like the good little sheep that

we are supposed to be,

in this “great democracy of ours”---

slapping the public in the face

because the public is the enemy

because the poor are the enemy

because freedom is the enemy

because those that have profited

from this experiment called

america, built on slavery & genocide,

are trying to squeeze every last drop

out of it, while minimalizing every

possible interruption during their last

colossal rape, before they colonize

Mars & do it all over again.




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