Blue eyed destiny

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Falling in love is a crazy, exciting time. Realizing the feeling isn't exactly mutual is not so great. The heart heals it self

Submitted: May 07, 2012

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Submitted: May 07, 2012



You came in sweeping through my life

Completely uninvited

Cried a tear as I carried

Broken heart you left behind

All of my dreams

Were carefully reconstructed

Angel Blue Eyes burning through me

As I slowly lose my mind

Watching my life

Powerless to your embrace,

I know I had stumbled,

The kiss of death bestowed long before the widow’s song

I need to break away to a time before you excisted

For heartache conquered my destiny

The swords of faith

Hidden all along

You call for the truth

Yet it’s worth not the breath you had uttered

Grasping unto make believe

I fill the void they call my home

I smell the scent of hope

And know that all is not forsaken

For love is not just about collecting

But offering your heart and soul

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