brainpicking season

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Submitted: September 11, 2012

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Submitted: September 11, 2012



might find her/him is out for

something, when such world’s

collide, possibly could it be

that the cliché of you both is

something less hollywood &

a little more hollow, making out

that perfect balance of

obliterative reality---so there it is,

smack dab in the middle of

the place where you thought you’d

be the least likely to find it &

now is not a good time, never is,

but it’s like a car crash isn’t it?

keep looking back, for some reason,

you keep looking back (with

one hand covering both eyes &

cracks like broken window blinds

revealing what you know is right

there blaring in your face anyway)---

the fact remains that for some time

now you thought such an occurrence

was out of reach & that suited you,

but now, oh now, the whole world

gets turned upside down, when the

object of your affection (made

comfortable in the concise knowledge

that “having” or “getting,” “possessing,”

“knowing,” or even just being able

to spend some time mutually in the

same room, was a crystal clear &

complete impossibility) has come

around to bite you in the ass, because

it just so happens that said

individual has found you

intriguing & so the roller coaster

starts rumbling along the rusted

tracks again, if you let it (and you

will, you already know that you


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