brief letter to a young politician in the making

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Submitted: July 22, 2012

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Submitted: July 22, 2012



dear friend,

my fear for you, is that you are filled with a

fire in your

belly &

that out of anger at seeing the

bullshit that is going on around you,

you have felt the need for a while

to try & change things for the better---

while this is most certainly an

admirable trait

for anyone to hold,

the idea that you are limited to the

channels which the powers that be

offer you on a platter,

is one that if you let it, will inevitably

corrupt you & destroy

all the genuine “goodness,”

if i might be so bold,

which you have inside you---

i speak to you with this in mind

due  to the intimate nature of a personal

friendship, which has spanned a few years,

during which the both of us have shared

many a conversation on

the nature of the world,

the so-called political structure that this

empire wields &

philosophy in general.


there are other ways of using the energy

which you have exemplified to me

personally, a thousand times over---

history has shown you in all the books you

have read & from the mouths of all those

whom you admire that have never been

disfigured by the american political process,

that there is a plethora of inspirational

women & men, who have been committed to

the betterment of our people & the human

species in totality,

that have never even pondered

the aspirations of power that would lead

someone to offer up their hands

to the bloodying, dirtying &


which shows itself to be essential

for the climbing of that

fateful ladder,

here in the belly of the empire.


rather than spend weeks & months

thinking about the most “appropriate”

way to express your concerns about

this world & the country in which you live,


it’s ok!

nobody is going to hold it against you---

nobody worth anything, that is.


with all the sincerity i can muster,


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