cacogen at the party

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Submitted: July 29, 2012

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Submitted: July 29, 2012



knew when you invited him/her

that there’d be that remote possibility

that the ornery part of them would come

popping out,

running amok all over the place &

offending indiscriminately,

as if it was spitting left & right

into everybody’s drink.


s/he is the type of friend who is true,

who doesn’t bullshit you,

who has always been there for you &

for whom, you know, you yourself would

be there for,

if that time were to arise,

but still, that doesn’t erase the plain fact

that at times (more often than not, when

being in public is concerned),

s/he can be quite the




so you walk amongst the crowd

doing damage control

apologizing for your friend

to your friends,

deciding in your head just who the

fakest in the crowd is &

just how many of said individuals

you’d need to delete

in order to hone down this shindig &

make it something that would speak



the harsh scene makes your favorite

horror movies look like

walks in the proverbial park &

what would have been so much more

easy & in fact, much more comfortable,

would have been a smaller get-together---

“maybe the most anti-social person at this

party is its host” remarks the elected

cacogen &

the both of you leave your conversational

corner, with hopes that the scheme you

mutually devised to get the rest of em’ out

of the house ASAP,

will be a winning one.

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