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Submitted: March 30, 2012

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Submitted: March 30, 2012



a lack of compassion

drives the “sane” to be “sinister”---

ne’er was a truth so certain to be

than to deprive a person of freedom &

then wonder what will happen as a

result, or to force them under these conditions

(of which we’re all beat down upon daily) to live

without a friend,

or worse yet, to live as one who has been

decided by others,

to be unworthy of such love, to be unworthy

of the bare necessities of life &

then to be expected not to burst open

with a vitriolic & violent repercussion---

be it a school shooting, a serial killer, a

genocidal dictator or just a plain ol’

monday morning


which leaves all (those whose lack of compassion on

any given day has subsequently “blessed” the rest of

us) with

an “errant” taste in the mouth &

the constant, annoying, question of

“why, why, why did this happen?!”

as if there had never been another way---

embracing the addict,

in opposition to condemnation

embracing the lonely,

in opposition to ostracization,

embrace those who defy definition,

in opposition to labeling them “strange” or “wrong,”

so as to further cast them out,

is the only certain way to

build a better world.



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