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no more alcohol ....

Submitted: August 16, 2015

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Submitted: August 16, 2015



Thinking about you today if we would meet later
if you would give me the warmth inside so forgetting.
Yes no worries when you are around little pleasing,
but what am I saying forgetting you would be better.

Thinking about the old days that things where easy
no worries when you were around, no one else around
thoughts leaving my mind nothing there to be bound
or saying nothing, giving nothing, like you giving to me.

Thinking about the late nights you stayed around
being together not alone, just you and me, over again
little walk, little comfort, little warmth, less heart pain,
little pleasure each evening; am I glad what I finally found.

Thinking about you today how you would doing nowadays.
I lost contact with you, but was I feeling happy again or sad
must say I hardly missed you, my lover would feel very bad
when we would meet my sweet, I would lose her so she says.

Loving my lover and I am still confused in different mind,
making choices, what choices, no choices only pain or sadness
so terrible and do I missing you or just my lover her tenderness?
What to do when my mind is drifting taking several steps behind?

Feel terrible when my mind drifting at the old days my sweet.
The fake warmth you was giving me, the next day feeling bitter sad.
Yes my sweet I said feeling bitter sad, as my lover she would feel bad,
when you cross my mind, would make her feel angry, terrible and weak.

Sorry my sweet our days are over, that choice I have made!
Do not worry I will be fine, yes you’re right what will be next step?
Don’t laugh I know I have to make choices sweet on my roadmap,
but my sweet my worries is t whatever I choose I hope is not to late.

My lover so fragile will not wait a lifetime in her terrible loneliness.
She is waiting for me to make a choice, what choice, no choice so sad.
Terrible mixed up feelings for me for her and what will be my next step.
Oh my sweet I know you help me, helping me to forget, forget the sadness.

My sweet Miss Alcohol, forget me I will make that choice
It’s making me feel happier without you, though sadness still around


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