coaches & catholic clergy

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“I am inflicting all of this upon you because I am not one of those whose chance as a wholesome belief was destroyed by child abuse or brutish indoctrination. I know that millions of human beings have had to endure these things, and I do not think that religions can or should be absolved from imposing such miseries. (In the very recent past, we have seen the Church of Rome befouled by its complexity with the unpardonable sin of child rape, or, as it might be phrased in Latin form, “no child’s behind left.”) But other nonreligious organizations have committed similar crimes, or even worse ones.”

-taken from God is not Great: How Religions Poisons Everything, by Christopher Hitchens

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



as the kids begin to come out


to declare the violation of their innocence to the world

so that finally these pompous pedophiliac pederasts

can be dragged out of their lairs in order to face the

world for

what they are

(not what they claim to be)---

the coaches twitch like the catholic clergy,

presently pissing their practice pants &

“holy” getups

in hopes that they will not be the next on the

chopping block---


another collective gasp is heard by those who never

thought for a minute that such

hostile homophobia

which comes hand in hand within the realm of

organized sports & organized religion

could possibly be a cover-up

for what was really brewing

just beneath the surface---

one has to wonder just how many

freudian slips it takes

to get to the center of a

child molester.

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