comparatively speaking

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Submitted: November 02, 2012

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Submitted: November 02, 2012



if you’re reading this piece

right now,

you’ve got the world at your


might not feel like it, might

feel like your own life is gonna

come crashing down upon your

head, might have a thousand

skeletons in your closet just

trying to get out & do you in

(or so you think), but yeah,

you’re in the driver’s seat here,

at the top of the evolutionary

food chain.


yup, if you’re reading this right

now, it means you aren’t under

water, means you aren’t under

ground, means you aren’t reduced

to ash & sitting on your loved

one’s mantelpiece---probably means

you’re not laying half-dead in a

hospital bed drinking your food

through a straw, probably means

that the man hasn’t decided to

royally screw with you & box

you up inside one of its societal

garbage cans for a stretch until

you might gain their approval,

getting out on “good behavior.”


if you’re reading this right now,

you have a roof over your head

(hasn’t been blown away, or burnt

down), you aren’t being tortured

by a rebel army in the middle of a

land that nobody cares about because

there’s no oil there, you’re not being

tortured, molested, beat, etc. by

any of the unfortunate miscreants

already found “unworthy” of life

by a society that let them fall through

the cracks to begin with &

yes, if you’re reading this right now,

you’re not living on the street, searching for

a soup kitchen & a place to rest while the

night passes over.


in fact, if you are reading this right now,

someone cared about you long enough to

raise you or support your existence financially,

emotionally, etc. long enough so that

you could learn how to read, so that you

could learn how to type, so that you

could learn how to use the internet &

of course, so that you had access to it,

however it is that this came to be---

somebody has kept you fed & breathing

until you could do it yourself.


might be willing to bet that

if you’re reading this right now

you aren’t alone (in the sense that if you

die before finishing the end of this

piece, absolutely no one will know

or care)---for you may very well be

an integral part of a network of

relationships that on the best of days,

brings a mutual good feeling to all

those involved & on the worst,

bring support to those who have

it comparatively bad, so as to keep

the network thriving & afloat,

continuing to survive successfully &

continuing to bring sustenance,

making it easier for each one of us

to make it,

in this big big world of

chaos, destruction & death,

which up until now, we’ve escaped

somehow, as a direct result

of one another.

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