craving sunshine

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Submitted: February 14, 2012

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Submitted: February 14, 2012



avec azure eyes staring out from the shadows of a

gray cemetery

she puffs from her cigarette &

waits for a better feeling---

all decked out in a long elegant black dress &

long black boots with many laces up under,

her gothic beauty walks with the darkness &

it always has---

the long drag from the cigarette paces itself between

lush lips bathed in black lipstick &

amidst her whole aura

she commands attention

even when no one is around---

the long soft black strands of her hair

hang beautifully in front of her gorgeous eyes traced in



staring out &

yet, something is missing,

for today,

even she craves sunshine---

her bosoms heave in a large sigh,

thrust out from behind the tight upper part of the

dress &

her need for the solar rays beaming down on her

soft milky pale skin

is obvious to her alone,


she'd tell no one if they asked.

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