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Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



understatedly we see

from afar on our

screens that tensions

continue to escalate &

the rebellion makes its

way into Syria’s heart.


from the ground s/he

wonders if the story is

true, that there have been

deaths created by the

rebels in the “inner circle,”

or if these are more lies

perpetuated by the west,

perpetuated by the

government itself, or

by those other parties said

by some to be entering the

country in order to

strengthen a greater



s/he is wanting a gun to

join those with guns, in order

to kill those who might

kill her/him if s/he does not

have one---in this, s/he

recognizes that s/he has to

get one---so where does s/he



people like her/him do not want

outside forces to enter, because

they understand what will

happen afterward, what it means

to be raped by outside powers in

the name of “humanity,”

to replace one form of tyranny

with a different kind

of tyranny,

where the resources of their

country will be drained right

before their eyes &

where they will be eternally in

debt to those who only want

another foothold in the middle

east, where the culture of the

people will be traded in for

mcdonald’s, kardashians &

fucking lady gaga---


as stern faced Hillary

finds her way to the podium


to threaten the world into


the civilian on the ground of


waits alone

without adequate means to defend


knowing the price they’ll

have to pay &

all s/he wants to do is

fight her/his own





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