declining a wedding invitation

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Submitted: July 22, 2012

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Submitted: July 22, 2012



invite me to the divorce,

for that, i’ll come & see,

right now i can’t be bothered

with more religious conformity


if you say that it’s got nothing to do

with “yahweh,” “god” or “allah,”

but rather a mayor, city clerk, or a judge,

who will seal your tomb this


i still decline this invitation &

not so humbly,

for there’s no need this day & age

to define love contractually.


if it is a question of civil rights,

if it is something that you want to prove,

if it’s something you were denied &

now you’re excited that you can do,

i still would decline attending

because the ceremony itself is rank

with pomp and circumstance,

amidst a sea of traditional stank.


one shouldn’t feel guilty for saying “no”

to something so fickle & fake

as the wedding of two individuals

who were together prior to the play---

but the court it will assemble &

the gowns & suits’ll arrive,

pretending all their lives away

as if somehow sanctified.


the older folk will recall memories,

babbling whilst swimming in wine &

the young will look for single prospects,

hoping to capitalize on the lonely kind.


as the night progresses,

the happy couple might feel perfected,

as if everything will go just right,

until the day one find outs the other

has cheated on them,


or simply died.




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