dueling parents

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Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012



one starts by talking about

what they did on the weekend,

subtly sliding in the name of their

kid &

the bragging rights get pulled

just as quickly as the pistol at

high noon in a

spaghetti western---

the dueling parent

pulls their own kid from their

holster &

begins to blab about how amazing

s/he is,

whilst the other parent is trying

their best to out-do

what this kidslinging parent

has already done---

with bullshit bullets flying,

mixing fact with fiction,

making these innocent kids out

to be the best human beings that

ever walked the face of this


so that the parents of these kids

can float away

with their over-inflated egos &

the rest of us in the room

get to watch & listen,

wondering the whole time if that

is the real reason that they

had them in the first place.

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