fat ass america

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Submitted: June 24, 2012

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Submitted: June 24, 2012



exhibit a:

total weight of adults roaming the earth-

316.4 million tons (US measurement)


exhibit b:

average adult body mass in the world-

136.6 pounds (US measurement)


exhibit c:

average north american adult body mass-

178 pounds (US measurement)


exhibit d:

*an additional 935 million people would

have to populate the planet, in order to

bring the average body mass of the adult

world OUTSIDE north america up to

the same fat ass standard which they

currently hold.


so keep on washing down those cheesy

chessy curly fries that’cha just snorted

with another keg of beer & pop that

top button on the pants you pretend to

fit in, america, whilst the rest of the world

watches you waddle around munching

up all the resources you can, hoping

that your arteries clog & your heart

stops before you get to mutter “why do

they hate us?” again, slobbering on

yourself the whole time & fighting

with the other swine over that last


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