for the white powder

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Submitted: February 09, 2013

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Submitted: February 09, 2013



all for the sake of

white powder,

s/he risks it all, daily,

knowing that had s/he

been born a few years earlier,

that s/he’d have been


that s/he’d have been able to

work a job that had something to

do with the


that s/he spent so many years

struggling to achieve,

only to have them end up

as useless as toilet paper---

in fact, toilet paper

at least has a function,

unlike an AA, a BA, a MA or

a Ph. D.


s/he’s a “millennium child,”

s/he’s been given his/her proverbial


s/he’s a side effect of Reagan &

dubya &

s/he’s full of anger,

because what had been promised

no longer exists for

her/his generation.


so the making of the powder is


fine crystals produced quick from

household items,

undetectable by most &

the payoff is fantastic,

because the 9-5 piss job that

s/he worked her/his ass off in school

(piling up debt) to avoid,

brings nothing in like the powder does---

so s/he burns all her/his bridges,

those that would not help make the

promise real &

s/he spends her/his days using & selling,

using & selling,

deteriorating &

providing for the deterioration of a


that never had a chance to do anything but

watch the empire swell & spread its cancer,

killing those within &

killing those outside.



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