forced fun

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Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012



got no need for artificial

in this place, got no need

for smiles when there’s nothing

to smile about---not saying that

there’s not bliss…but what we

want, what we want is TRUE

bliss, what we want is to sip

the nectar that comes from

the small things!  what we need

is the warmth that comes from

a good friend’s hug, what we

want is a long time coming &

we stand at the command,

you & i, one in the same &

while we be wallowing in the


you know we’re dancing to the

same beat---

you know deep deep down, we’re

dancing to the same beat &

though tomorrow may be gone &

though it all might burn up a

disastrous pyre in the next hour,

don’t be the kind of tyrant that lays

down the law, that makes ya walk

the line when ya done nothing wrong,

for you & i are only here but for a

moment & then POOF, we be gone,

but right now we’re carbon stepping

atop the very light of the brightest

Autumn day, just carbon shaking hands

with carbon, waiting for the axe to drop

& dodging bullets, but ya got to know

that demanding that it all be good 100%

of the time is a form of authoritarian

massaging that can only bring

unhappiness when eventually the lie

wears off, cause’ they always run out

(may be able to manufacture as quickly

as you can blink, but…), they always

run out & so right now, right as of

now, we be dancing to the same beat,

tip-tapping to the real feelings that come

when spontaneously combusted by

events that call for it, burst after

burst, after burst!

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