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Submitted: July 10, 2012

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Submitted: July 10, 2012



where did s/he first learn

to snort in the snot

funneling it backwards

right back up into his/her head

until a slight headache

occurred &

then pursing her/his lips,

throwing out the large wad

of festering phlegm

out from said mouth

with all the force of a

personal leaf blower

buried within the mouth

(picturing inside one’s

head the power of a

dust devil roaring through

& between the salivating



that first gob sent back out

into the atmosphere around

us, polluting that environment

which sought to pollute us,

reveals a manner of taking

care of one’s own, mixed with

the added “rudeness” of

defecating from the mouth

right out there in public

without a care or concern
(willy-nilly) for those

non-gobbers around one---

at least that is what the

non-gobber community is

supposed to believe, to

indulge in the fantasy that

there is some island out there

where individuals walk around

all day without a gob, a fart,

a queef, a groan, an itch (when

skin flicks off), a chattering

biting of nails right down to

the bloody stub, a scratching

of the ass, balls, crotch or

underarm between them---

patiently dying away in that

9-5 cubicle, properly packaged

in that business casual, waiting

for death, marinating in their

own body odor stank.

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