good ol gibbs

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“TACOMA, Wash — The lawyer for a U.S. Army sergeant charged with murdering three unarmed Afghan civilians as leader of a rogue platoon acknowledged Monday that his client had removed fingers from Afghans killed in combat.”

updated 11/1/2011

Submitted: November 02, 2011

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Submitted: November 02, 2011



good ol’ gibbs


good ol’ staff sergeant calvin gibbs

(whose dick just wasn’t big enough at home,

who couldn’t make it bigger with a big truck or a


stereo like the other boys),

tried to compensate for it by joining the military

& going to a foreign land,

in his case, afghanistan---

here he was able to parade his itty bitty wittle weiner


wagging the pip-squeak in front of defenseless


at the head of a kill team who found it their mission to

tear up the head of those that they just killed, by the


so they could take photos with their freshly killed


as if they had just caught a buck during hunting


mr. gibbs went one step further & clipped off fingers,

keeping them dried in a ziploc bag &

passing some of them out to his friends---

he is said to have had on his person,

leg bones & teeth as well.


this is what your tax dollars are funding, america


little small penis boys

who need to prove

themselves to the world

by killing civilians in a country

that the empire has no place being in,

in order to collect fingers, leg bones & teeth

like some hollywood pig in a b-horror film.


think you’ll ever live to see the credits roll on this one? 

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