happy birthday gitmo!

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Submitted: January 15, 2012

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Submitted: January 15, 2012



10 years now with 171

prisoners locked away---

out of sight &

out of mind for most people---

as 46 of these are held


having no chance whatsoever at


89 have been approved for release.


89 prisoners in gitmo get to dance round

without their friends or family

knowing that they were supposed to be

out of there months ago &

for some, years ago---

still, they stay locked away.


remember when mr. hope & change told us all that

he would close the prison when he came into office?

ya think any of the repugnicans on the other side are

going to

do any different?


ah, we are so lucky here in our great empire

to have our own little secret prison

our own little gulag

where nobody can watch what we do &

nobody can stop us---


and to think it’s all for our security as citizens---

it’s all to keep us safe from those that want us to

stop beating them, stealing their land & resources &

trying to make them become american.

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