hold onto your anger

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“Because inequality provokes anger, unequal societies require penal systems to crush rebels and intimidate everyone else. In America, unprecedented inequality has gone hand-in-hand with an unprecedented expansion of the prison system.”

-taken from “Anger is the Emotion of Injustice,” by Susan Rosenthal

LINK: http://susanrosenthal.com/articles/anger-is-the-emotion-of-injustice

Submitted: January 13, 2012

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Submitted: January 13, 2012



no amount of positive change in the world

which has advanced the betterment of us

as a species,

has come about by staring into the face of

idiocy, malicious intent, straight out murder,

slavery, oppression & genocide &

then trying to win it over with

concessions &


it is discontent & rage

that have come about as a direct result of the forces

in this world

which think that they can do to you what they want

when they want---

without it, there would be no



anger riles the individual

the individual gains strength

the strong individual speaks to another &

two become four,

four become eight---

sooner than later,

anger & anger alone

has brought together a mass of people

who understand that what has been going on

can no longer be so---




anger produces power in the “powerless”

by allowing them the courage to say that there is

nothing to lose

when it comes to striving for

rights denied to you---


hold onto your anger

clench it in your fist & never let it go

for what you have inside you is


what you have inside you is a need to utilize every

part of your

being &

if your anger is all you have at your disposal

(that which cannot be tainted by those outside you),

then it is more beautiful than anything &

it is yours & yours alone---

it is representative of your own voice,

your own life &

your own ability to resist the destruction of your




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