it all fades

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Often what one needs to hear is the furthest thing from their mind.

Submitted: October 22, 2011

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Submitted: October 22, 2011



certainly a sinister truth,

but one from which none of us can run,

that the love which one seeks can be

so vibrant & so riveting, so supposedly

different than all which came before,

such that would force one to stop in their

tracks, such that one may try & change

the whole of their existence to shape that

very possibility of a coupling for the lasting

of the rest, such that one screams at the

top of their lungs as happy as they think they

ever could be, such that one runs to tell all

their friends, their family, such that one

always wonders what the other is doing,

such that one begins to make their plans

for the rest of their lives (as if now impossible

to be alone again), such that the upkeep

one once worried over (of the aesthetic

value of the body, of the encroaching harsh

reality of age & entropy) seems to now

matter less as if a chest of gold has been

found on the bottom of the ocean, such

that one reevaluates their ideas & their

beliefs, such that one believes again in

the concept of devotion, of commitment,

of loyalty, of trust itself---


yet, in a moment’s time (however long that

moment may be for one exclusively) it all

begins to fade, such that the excitement

recedes, such that there is a loss of individuality

now replaced by that coupling, now there is

only the two, such that everything is now

sacrificed for the benefit of perpetuating

the dragging life of this lack of interest, such

that all the friends & family see a turn, such

that the social norms that were abided by

now seem to be the most destructive, such

that a sadness comes when one begins to

wonder where they would be had they not

invested half their life into this decrepit thing,

such that they believed the hype, such that

they believed in the very naïve concept of

belief & now suffer the deserved consequence,

such that in the eyes of those that have lived

together now wither together, such that the

hopes & dreams which were never shared to

begin with now creep out from under the

smothering coupling, such that the individual

screams now from within to be free, such that

the whole of one’s life can never be gotten

back, such that it can never be relieved, such

that regardless of every possible regret, death

rears its head sooner than later & the choices

made in hopes of finding some kind of unison

or some kind of something (whatever it was

that had been lacking, which one felt that they

could fill with another), now it all begins to

rub together raw as two sticks which no longer

start a fire---petrified & emotionless.

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