it begins

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“It has to start somewhere
It has to start sometime
What better place than here?
What better time than now?”

-from the song, “Guerilla Radio,” by Rage Against the Machine

Submitted: November 16, 2011

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Submitted: November 16, 2011



the empire has had enough---

having pandered to those occupying for 2 months


standing cute & subtle beside, avoiding aggression

so as to avoid unfavorable photo-ops with those


so as to avoid having the footage being posted on

youtube &

other places on the net---

now the evictions, the tearing up & the throwing away


people’s property has begun

the lawyers representing zuccotti have got a

restraining order

since 1am when it began,

and the city is ticking

waiting on the next steps of everything.


breaking up the community with pepper spray,

shields & batons is only the beginning---


what seems to be forgotten is that

those that have had enough, the 99%

are still the 99%---

whether they are huddled together in a park or

somewhere else waiting---

how many of us have jobs?

how many of us have homes?

how many of us are sick & can’t afford healthcare?

how many of us have relatives in other countries

fighting to keep the empire functioning by beating its

domestic population down at the same rate as it tries

to keep thwarting its hegemony upon the world in the


of capitalism, greed & insanity?


during the break up of zuccotti a man asked


“where are we gonna go?”

and there was no response but aggression.


as if

there is somewhere that this will all fade away to

as if

there is something that we are supposed to feel guilty


as if

we are supposed to just shut up and accept the fate


the vultures in suits on wall street would like us to

as if

we are going to quiver for one minute in the face of

this state’s



this state, this empire,

is the icon for the world’s scumbag capitalists who

want to produce more of the same,

but the 99% of the world being strangled by the rest

watch the footage,

read the reports &

they will not cease hearing the shouting

for this is just in zuccotti.


what has started is not going to end

in fact, the very “cracking down,”

is only going to heighten the tension &

recruit more individuals who are beginning to


the vital need for an end to wall street &

everything it stands for.


it has been 59 days &

what needs to be done is a

raid on those that have no problem with the

suffering of the rest of us---

they watch from the windows above

they dine with the state that thwarts against its people,

but they will have to commit genocide on america

if they are to successfully squash the anger that has


that continues to evolve & strengthen.


humpty can only sit on his wall for so long, before he teeters off. 

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