just old enough to die

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Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012



you can find yourself becoming


when faced with the amazing talk

of the future of technology,

despite the fact that us humans may

fry like bacon in a frying pan due to

global warming, or nuke ourselves into


that said,

it can be damned depressing

to know that in fifty years

the possibilities will be limitless,

so different from the way things are

now &


so unavailable to many of us

who already see the clock ticking

faster than it has ever gone.


when you start to have genuine

interest in living,

you sketch out where that living can

take you &

never factor in that you just might be

old enough to die

just when it starts to get really



sure, there is the carpe diem &

there is the suffering of the world around

us, which relatively is supposed to

encourage a lust for every moment

that we ourselves are not undergoing

such torment (that is, if we are that

fortunate)---but the conclusion is the


this fragile package of expiring tissues &

veins, bones & organs,

will not make it to see the things that

blow our minds to ponder


if you are in fact already half-way to

the statistically lifespan

of your given sex, race, ethnicity, nationality,


like a person who wakes up one morning

with a disease that they’ll die from that night

just a day short of

the cure making the front page,

the whole lot of it seems

that much more


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