killed the ego in the alley

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Submitted: September 22, 2012

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Submitted: September 22, 2012



stopped the cross look

when walking out & down the steps

(humming a song within),

did a little jig to miss the cracks when

progressing along the sidewalk

(making sure as to not “break momma’s


sure was in his/her better Autumn

dancing gear

(waiting for others with the energy---

full of song & love in the heart) &

there weren’t enough frowns in

the afternoon overcast that could

shed dark down upon her/his

impending afternoon delight

(now the world is said oyster if said

eater digs the oysters),

kicking her/his kicks like it’s going

out of style, ipod ringing a special

rhythm (new favorite song---connecting

him/her with everyone),

don’t need to be in front or even part of

a crowd when the selves when the

selves are getting down

(making a scene in order to be seen),

when the sun shone down &

park benches full of folks

start to come alive,

come alive, come alive,

come live, come alive!

s/he paid tribute to all the artists that

s/he adored when

s/he killed that ego in the alley on

her/his way to work,

falling in love with those dancing

with her/him, casting out those

trying to do him/her in & for a split

second (long enough to set a precedent

for a lifetime in perspective),

started to really enjoy


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