kudos to the 5 Point

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Submitted: March 09, 2013

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Submitted: March 09, 2013



oh these Google Glass(es)

are gonna put a whole new meaning behind

beating up the guy/gal who is

wearing em’---

as the 5 Point Café in Seattle, WA,

courageously takes the first step to

ban them,

knowing full well that the minions of

commercialism, the whores of


will be out to facefuck & twat images &

private information,

right there in real time,

when these things get cheaper &

the idiot brigade is wearing them like they were


what with a sky full of drones

working for the pigs & the state of

mr. hope & change,

ready to swarm & manhunt,

then burn us to the ground like they did Christopher


we who value our ability to slink down into a

dark dive bar of sorts,

where anonymity &

an absence of social anxiety

go hand in hand with


should be polishing our brass knuckles,

because the trend to violate every last bit of

our freedom to get away,

is only increasing &

when it becomes “hip” to parade around with

them on,

you can bet it’s going to happen.

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