lavatory thought development

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Woman Pissing
painting by Pablo Picasso
Oil on Canvas

Submitted: July 08, 2012

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Submitted: July 08, 2012



did Picasso dream up Guernica

while taking a shit & did Van Gogh

fantasize about Starry Night whilst

draining the lizard?  how about

Pollack---though we have been

told via Ed Harris’ film (the only

art history anybody has anymore)

that he came upon the splatter by

accident, but how do we really know?

coulda’ been when he was

pinching a loaf---

coulda’ been

coulda’ been.


insert the name of your favorite

painter here:

_________________ &

ask yourself if s/he really got all

their inspiration from long walks

at night, heavy alcoholism, endless

orgies into the morning, a good

smack habit, brushing one’s teeth

with Absinthe, or, if in fact,

it may of just been an amazing idea

which revealed itself while

said artist was in deep potty



saw in an interview with Tori Amos

once, that she got the idea for many of

her songs while she was sur les toilettes,

but then again, she believes in fairies...


the point is, all those ideas that come out

when you’re pissing,

just might be the next Sistine Chapel,

the next Notre Dame or the next

piece of brilliant architecture that our

species brings into being---

hopefully without said artist(s) being on

the goddamned church payroll.


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