Love perchance?

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this is a true story

Submitted: August 28, 2007

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Submitted: August 28, 2007



I felt i was lost,

I hoped that hope was near.

But then i saw you,

And i found a different fear.

I feared that i,

Couldnt possibly measure up.

I loved you so,

But how could i do enough?

We started out,

As friends at the most.

Now i love you more,

I dont feel like just a ghost.

Others seem to see me,

As something not advised.

I was weird or different,

But then i was surprised.

For you saw me,

As someone you could love.

I dont know how,

I'm not deserving of

Your love or your caring,

But still you did despite.

Anything they did to you,

If i could i'd stop the fight.

But when i enraged them,

You stuck up for me instead.

And when i heard about it,

I almost lost my head.

My blood began to boil,

And my even temper flared.

If i could i would of,

Destroyed any who dared,

to mock you,

With words that stung and bit,

I miss you every day you're gone,

But you help me not to quit.


I miss you every day,

Words cant explain how i do,

I hope you know i love you,

And that you could love me too.

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