loved ones the future cannot save

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Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012



those of us with parents,

grandparents, elder caregivers

of one kind or


may fear on a daily basis

that the conversations we have with them

might in fact be our

last &

though this might be a bit of neurosis

on our own part,

it can become unbearable

when considering the fact that

so many illnesses & conditions

which will end the lives of those we love,

will be curable or treatable

just years from now---

we want those scientists

to speed things up!

we want those governments to conjure money from

somewhere, in order to fund the research

that would bring about the extension of life

for those who bring us so much happiness



certainly there are those who will say

that life would not be as precious, if

we were to live forever,

or that those whom we value

might not be worth as much to us,

if we knew that they would be around


but we’ve known nothing different

as of yet &

rather than know what it is like to conquer death,

us humans created myths of places after death

which do nothing for us in the



these people that illuminate your lives

are the ones who illustrate the landscapes of


which do not dwell in a realm of obligatory

servitude, under the thumb of some

tyrannical ruler---

we know the kindnesses given to us


we can place a face with those actions,

so naturally,

we would like to keep these individuals


as long as possible,

so as to provide the best chance at happiness

for the lot of us---

sad that we can’t yet save ourselves

but worse that we cannot save those

who we care about.

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